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Kristen Neudorf 

Artist Statement

Life's too short not to do what you love. Art is my ‘raison d’être’, my passion in life! My artwork is a personal

reflection of my experiences and emotions.

The very process of creating inspires me. Nature and music are my companions as concepts flow from inspiration and take form. A well worn chair in the window of a Paris shop, the flowing lines of the female form, the abstract meanderings of a traveller on the Scribbly Gum eucalyptus tree are but a few of the influences I draw from.

Like every artist who is gifted with a dark night of the soul, unforeseen life events endowed me with an invitation to create from outside my comfort zone. 
A new way of creating my art emerged. I became technically stronger as the creative process beckoned me to evolve and breakthrough to another level. I began to feel my way through my work and my actions became instinctive. Form, control and lightness merged with expression, intuition and passion. The result was a unified piece of art and a clear direction forward in life.

The decision to obtain a Masters of Art Education means I can now share my passion with others through the sale of my creations, commissioned works, and private art lessons. I am happiest when I am creating and it is my pleasure to share that with others who enjoy the creative process.